Regata storica

The Regata storica and the Serenissima

The Historical Regata is one of the most important and prestigious of the city, one of the oldest , involves the whole city and takes place in the Grand Canal, the first Sunday of September.

The first rowing competitions are born  around the year 942 in Venice, local story said they were friendly competition among local farmers of the various islands of the lagoon, transporting by rowing boats their goods to the Rialto market.

The word regata appears on serenissima papers around the 13th century , as the local authorities began to push citizens to practice this activity not only for sporting purposes but mainly practical ( physically prepare the crews in the event of a conflict at sea).

The Regata Storica now

The regata storica is preceded by a wonderful procession that involves dozens of boats 15 century style, colored and decorated  and  gondoliers rowing them, carrying figures wearing ancients costumes, representing the doge and the most important people of the glorious past of Venice.  The competition is divided in 4  different races, by age group and type of boat, the most exciting and most popular is the race of the men  in gondolini.