Masks, parties and music, the Carnival of Venice will capture you

Masks, parties and music, the Carnival of Venice will capture you.
Ancient glories, costumes and colors, a mask to conceal  identity, one of the oldest cities in the world , Carnival is waiting for you.

The Carnival of Venice is history and charm. Hidden behind a mask, become what and who you want to be .

Small history pills

The Carnevale di Venezia is one of the oldest Carnival, it's born around the eleventh century, when the Venetian Republic, la Serenissima, thought it was necessary to grant the population, especially the poorest class, a period in which all of them, could dedicate to funny activies and the wildest dances.

Masks and costumes, ensured anonymity, social classes stopped to exist, and all the city plunged into the spirit of the cheerful and sarcastic Carnevale.

When we celebrate it....come with your Costume!

Every year we celebrate the Venice Carnival, with a mix of coloured masks and costumes that we buy or we can make, dances around the “calli”, parades, music and tradition, involving the entire city, from Piazza San Marco to streets and places, even the most hidden.

The Carnival offer a different view of Venezia, and it ends with the Mardi Gras, 40 days before Easter. What are you waiting for? Wear your mask, prepare your costume ... and get involved.