Our Hotel in the historical heart of Venezia, Rialto.

Why choose a small and basic structure


Due to its position, Calle Galeazza, the small street where we are, leads directly to Campo San Bartolomeo, is a very lively area and street full of visitors, workers, small bars and shops.
Campo San Bartolomeo is the campo at the foot of the Rialto Bridge, on the side of the San Marco district, which it is one of the Campo "heart"  of Venice where we can meet friends, for work or for a walk.
We are the ideal structure for those who want to experience Venice in a dynamic way and stay in the heart of the city, a stone's throw from Piazza San Marco and the Rialto Bridge.
If you don't know Venice, read HERE.

For the Team

A Venetian Team present for almost 15 years, a solid and serene team that takes care of the structure and customers, who loves sharing information with visitors and work in such a simple structure, that try to do the best to make  feel home and welcome even travelers who stay for a short time.



Because it is a Venetian reality

Before becoming a small hotel, the structure was a small inn, in fact the rooms and bathrooms are very small.
All possible comforts have been added, but it still remains a 2-star hotel.
In Venice, changing a building internally, especially if historical is not easy and often not possible,  the same applies to the external part, it is necessary to follow specific rules.
The stairs are very narrow, very reminiscent of our grandparents' houses and many other Venetian houses.
The nice thing about being on the first floor is that we have no problems with "Acqua Alta" ,  we don't have rooms on the ground floor and  some Venetian families still live above us,  we all know each other and this creates a lively and local environment.

For our rooms

They are all minute, but they are decorated by hand, even our doors, to find out more click HERE
Maybe we are a little retro, but the damask blankets in a beautiful sage green and gold, the damask fabric  (all fireproof of course), The wooden furniture hand-decorated by artisans from our Dolomites ... make us a very classic hotel with its own history,  of course we always try to keep the rooms not only tidy and clean but also as  functional as possible.

For any questions do not hesitate to contact us, our Reception has a limited time for emails and payments but we do our best to respond kindly  every one.
If you like to know more about the Hotel rules, click HERE