La Vogalonga

Why the Vogalonga

In 1974, few  friends choose to organize a beautiful and long friendly rowing competion, and after that they understood an important thing, they needed to organize a similar  event, to  rediscovery  the love that the Venetians have for its lagoon, the passion for the row almost forgotten , create a contrast to the constant and growing waves created by motor boats, something that would involve everyone, all over the world, in this passion.  The Vogalonga is made of this. It is born for this.

A race or a super journey?

The vogalonga owes its name to its long and wonderful journey that run till the edge of the lagoon north , touching almost 30km of race.
30 kilometers that will take you to wonderful places and unknown  parts of the lagoon, along channels that you will never see ... unless you are taking part of it.

It is not a competitive race, but an invite to row,  and the discover of the  lagoon.
Each year the vogalonga involve more and more people in this passion , coloring thousand colors ad  boats the lagoon and Venice.

The Vogalonga is plaide every year in May / June,  in 2012 involved 1802 rowing boats and 7226 people, people from all over the world.