Our Venice tips, to love our city as we do

First time in Venice? Read This!

Venice is a city where cars and bikes are forbidden, it is a walkabile city. If you like to arrive to Venice by bike remember to park it in Mestre or Venezia Piazzale Roma. It is forbidden also to walk with a bike, be careful. If you need to park your car, check our info to get to Venezia.
Travel light, avoid large trolley or huge bags, Venice and the means of transport are very crowed. Our bridges are made with steps and we have more than 300    bridges! Questions about how Venice is made? take a look in our dedicated page Venezia quick pills.

When you walk try to stay on the right side of the alleys and tiny tiny alleys (we call them Calle) and to do not stop in the middle of a bridge in the middle of the  "traffic". Small tip: the best time to explore the area of Rialto/San Marco, where our small Hotel is located, is until 10:00am and back after 18:00 (6pm). Less   crowd, less groups. We love it.

Mosquitoes, Canals...Is the Tap Water drinkable? Be Brave!

Bring a Mosquitoes spray! Air conditoning is on only from june to september   ( No surprises: hotel policies here!) and mosquitoes love us from April till November, well, Venice is a wonderfull city built more than 1500 years ago inside a lagoon, mosquitoes are part of our ecosystem and history.
Water is drinkable, and Venice offers a lot of public fountains with wonderfully cold water.

Don't bath inside the canals of the city, it is forbidden and not healthy. For a dip in the sea and sunbath, the beach of the Lido of Venice is easily reached by public means of transport (Vaporetti).

Buses? No Thanks, here we have the Vaporetto

Vaporetti ACTV are our water public means of transport, you can compare them to a public bus, but on the water, so a boat. There are tickets of 1h., 24h. 48h. 72h. and 7 days. The ticket is electronic and must be always validate. Visit the actv.it website for prices and tickets.
There are Private water taxi, rate are different and higher, we can compare them with a water limousine service.

Visit San Marco Square it's impossibile? Check the best time

Visit the Basilica of San Marco early in the morning, around 9:30, when it opens, admission is free.

The Best time to visit Palazzo Ducale is after 14:00 (2pm) there is the museum pass for public local museum (about 10 museum, including Palazzo Ducale and Museo Correr, take a look on the web site of veneziaunica.it for rates and tickets online.  If you like to do the secret itineraries (that we love) book them online and in advance, it is a super requested tour inside the Palazzo Ducale.

Is Venice safe? and, walk walk walk, you need good local food! (And a good glass of wine)

Venice is a safe city, even at night, in fact, with the darkness it becomes extremely romantic, charming and mysterious. But be careful about the pickpockets in areas with a lot of people, inside the train station, and inside the Vaporetti, here pickpockets are super smart and quick.

Try our Osterie, our typical "tapas bar", where you can find the cicchetti and good local wine. Normally they are small places with few tables, sometimes only with a   bar counter, where they prepare delicious local cicchetti and quick home made dishes.

Take a Walk to the fruit and vegetable market of Rialto,the historycal Rialto Market, a short walk from our hotel, it is open from 6 am to 1pm.

Try our pastry shops, you will find Venetian pastries and a good cappuccino, that normally we eat and drink standing at the counter. 

Gondola, but not only.

Take a ride in a gondola, in Venice you will find Gondolas stop everywere, rides are available from 9.30/10:00am to 23:00 (11:00pm) and if you like to spend a little  less, share it, a gondola can carry up to 6 people.

Super important: Look up, get lost, relax, you may remain amazed by arches, windows, clothes hanging. A city with over 1500 years of history, always amazes.