Celebration of the Redentore

The Celebration of the Redentore is a wonderful local celebration, which involves all Venetians and the visitors of the city.
Decorated boats, fireworks in Piazza San Marco, an event unique and unforgettable.

The Festa del Redentore is a celebration that all Venitians love a lot. The tradition dates back to 1577 and celebrates the end of a terrible plague, with the construction of the beautiful Palladian Basilica of the Redentore, in the island of Giudecca.
The day of Redentore, you can go on foot to the Basilica of the Redentore, through a traditional temporary bridge built on boats, long more than 330 meters.

The Date to do not miss

This traditional event is celebrated on the third Sunday of July, with an exciting rowing race , preceded by a procession Saturday, all the Venetians prepare and decorate their boats with colored decoration, going slowly to St. Mark's Basin.  

Stop for a minute and imagine a large number of boats, an happy atmosphere full of colours and music, local dishes prepared at home that everybody eat wit fun iside their  boats and then, around 23.30 everybody stop,  
waiting for the amazing long fireworks show, a show that light  the lagoon and all the city.